Types of Mediation

Here are some examples of the types of free mediation offered by Community Mediation Program:


  • Neighbors
  • Neighborhood Organizations
  • Youth-adult neighborhood conflicts
  • Landlord/Tenant


  • Parents and their teenage child(ren)
  • Sibling conflicts
  • Parenting Plans (Custody & Visitation agreements)
  • Caring for an older family member
  • Husband & wife conflicts


  • Friendships turned sour
  • Roommate disputes
  • Conflict between boyfriend & girlfriend or partners


  • Employment disputes
  • Coworker conflicts
  • Businesses and their customers
  • Businesses and their surrounding neighbors


  • Students and teachers
  • Students in conflict with each other
  • Parents in conflict with the school
  • IEP facilitation
  • Attendance Mediation (New service)

Justice System

  • Conflicts where the police have been called
  • Conflicts where criminal charges have been filed for a misdemeanor crime
  • Re-Entry Mediation for people leaving prison and dealing with family or friends conflict.  (this can happen inside the facility)