IEP Facilitation

Frustrated by long IEP meetings where nobody seems to be listening to anybody? We can help! Community Mediation provides free, neutral IEP facilitation services – available at request by both parents and faculty.

This service, like mediation, is offered at no cost and can help build the foundation for on-going communication and collaboration between the family and the school throughout the year. Call today! For more information or to request a facilitator, contact us at 410-467-9165 or email today!


What does an Independent IEP Facilitator do?

  • Talks to the parents and the IEP Chair in advance to support the development of an agenda.
  • Helps make sure that everyone has a chance to speak and be heard at an IEP meeting.
  • Keeps the discussion focused.
  • Helps the team to resolve disagreements
  • Uses communication skills to help the IEP team members work together to develop an appropriate IEP and make other decisions.

Who are the Independent Facilitators?

    The independent facilitors: 

  • Are highly trained volunteers from Community Mediation
  • Are not members of the team and do not have a relationship with the school or the parent
  • Focus on the process, while the team members make all the decisions
  • Remain neutral and do not take sides or recommend actions