Community Mediation Responds to Current Events in Baltimore

As Baltimore struggles to respond to recent events and the broader context in which they have occurred, Community Mediation offers services to support dialogue and give voice to everyone. Residents, leaders, and police need space to listen and hear each other in order to build deeper understanding and to create lasting change. For solutions to be sustainable, everyone must have a voice in the process.

Community Mediation offers the following services:

  • Facilitators to support community dialogue, across divisions. The facilitator’s role is to make sure all voices are heard, to build understanding, and to support the group to develop solutions that meet the needs of everyone involved.
  • Mediation for individual conflicts. Mediation allows people to speak for themselves and make their own decisions. Mediators are non-judgmental and support participants to build understanding and develop their own solutions.
  • Conflict Management Skills Training that supports people to express their own needs so others can hear, and listen to work on understanding even when the conversation is hard.

Facilitated dialogue and mediation can be used to build understanding between community members and police. Collaborative conversations can also be used as community members and elected officials identify specific policy changes to address community challenges.

For more information, contact Community Mediation at 410-467-9165 or go to